Sun Distributor Tester Finished

Well... It's finally done. And sold. I think it went to a good home, but I'm a bit bummed about only having it completed for a very short time before selling it. I guess that's just how it goes.

Since my blog posts about this tester show up at the top of the list when searching for Sun MDT-50 information on Google, I figure I should show the machine all completed.

Here it is:

The rolling cart has been repainted, and a new decal applied

Mostly original paint on the tester units and drive unit. Original top mat saved and cleaned up. 

 Tach/dwell unit re-powered with a adjustable buck regulators run from the Sun 6V DCpower supply, replacing the old wet cell batteries. 

Original manual, scroll tune-up charts, and cool vintage Sun box full of adapters.


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