Sun Test Equiment

These are some pieces of Sun equipment that are currently undergoing restoration or refurbishment.

Sun Master Distributor Tester (MDT), circa 1948, with optional manometer gauge. This unit will be refurbished with solid state power supplies to the meters and vacuum pump, all new capacitors and a new drive wheel and bearing kit. It may be available for purchase soon. 

This is a Sun Tune-Up-Tester (TUT), circa 1952. It is comprised of 4 separate meters: Sun Tach/Dwell Tester (TDT-2), Sun Volts/Ignition Tester (VIT), Sun Electronic Distributor Tester (EDT), and the Sun Vacuum/Pressure Tester (VPT-1). On top is the optional (and super rare) scroll chart unit. All the test units will have their capacitors replaced and the meters tested and calibrated. This tester may also be available for purchase soon. 


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