Vintage Tool of the Week: 1972 Hunter Alignment System

Every week, I will post some pictures and information on a piece of vintage awesome in my growing collection of shop tools, equipment and advertising. 

This is my 1972 Hunter Tune-A-Line. I acquired this by a trade deal. Nowadays this is a pretty rare unit. I have used it to align old and new vehicles and it's accurate.

The Hunter Tune-A-Line was the first wheel alignment system that had the ability to compensate for lateral wheel runout. This model was succeeded by the Hunter Lite-A-Line, which used lights projected on a chart in front of the vehicle to show alignment settings and was the forerunner to modern laser alignment systems. 

Hunter Engineering has been the standard in automotive alignment systems for many years. 

Hunter front suspension height gauge.

This gauge measures height differential between two points on the control arm.

Steering wheel holder used when setting the toe adjustment.

The turn table is a critical part of the system. It shows turning angle and allows easier movement of the wheel.

Hunter no. 500 shim set is probably the original set the unit came with. 
High tech bubble levels, still accurate after all these years.

Some good reading material.


  1. Hi I have the Hunter Tune-A-Line left rear-wheel track Toe aligner. Model 1100-A. Untested. I'm interested in selling it. Any idea what this piece alone is worth? Would you be interested in making me an offer for it? Your set is the only other one i've been able to find!

    1. saludos! estoy buscando un sistema de alineamiento tune-a-line de hunter para comprarlo,si alguien sabe du uno en buenas condiciones me puede notificar GRACIAS!!

    2. alguien sabe du uno en buenas condiciones me puede notificar GRACIAS!!


  2. Any chance I could get a copy of that reading material? I just picked up a pair of heads and have no real idea how to use them.I know there's a list of instructions on them but I'm still baffled.


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