Dragging the Gut 2015

 As a recent transplant to McMinnville, I only just learned about Dragging the Gut by chance at my new dentists' office! My wife and I were already smitten with hanging out on 3rd street, so we made it a point to check it out. I can definitely say that I've never experienced anything like it!  

 As always, the shops, restaurants, and bars on 3rd street were staffed with friendly folks who provided a warm and fun atmosphere despite all the craziness going on outside! People from all over the northwest were lined up along both sides of the street on both Friday and Saturday nights. 

I set my camera and tripod up right in the thick of the action to take some long exposures. Of course, I ended up in people's way and I'm pretty sure that a guy flashed his plumbers crack at me just because I had a camera! The cruise presented a really great range of color, texture, light and motion for my camera.

There was extraordinary variety in the people and cars cruising. Everything from bicycles, hot rods, imports, muscle cars, off road trucks, and even a minivan with the doors open blasting Katy Perry on the stereo!

It appeared that everyone had a great time even though the air quality was terrible due to heavy forest fire smoke, car exhaust and a bit of tire smoke (wink wink). Local law enforcement was definitely present, but they were very cool as long as people were exercising common sense. 

As the crowds wind down, Ben Franklin watches and wonders what in the world just happened.  


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