Creation of a Ring

I'm really happy to share the creative process of my father-in-law, who handmade my wife's wedding band. Being from Colorado, there had to be mountains involved! Follow along as he crafts a masterpiece. 

Photos and captions courtesy of The Mayor.

Sketch a mountain range on sticky back paper

Adhere to the sheet of silver

Scribe into the silver

Add some detail

The dremel works good

A little more ruggedness

Trim it up

Fine tune with a file
Get it flat

Creating a bezel for a small stone

The molten silver beads-up

Small hole to locate the silver bead

Hollow out the center. . . (the stone is very small and so a very small bezel. so small it was too difficult to do a normal bezel. so I did it this way)
The bezel stage came later

Solder mountain range to silver band

Make it round

Size it

A little grinding

A little buffing

A little filing

Getting close

Between this point and the finished ring is when I discovered that I had to do a differant type of bezel. The whole process was the same but I had to re-make the mountains and add the bezel

Congratulations Jessi and Joe! Love Ya!