Vintage Tool of the Week: Snap-On King Pin Puller

This week let's look at the Snap-On king pin puller set, CG-220-A. I purchased this set from the Don Letson Garage sale. The Letson Garage was an unbelievable place in St. John's that was stuffed full of vintage tools and memorabilia. Sadly, Don passed on and everything in the garage was sold off. They probably used this tool set for many years on who knows how many cars. I love the history of these kinds of tools. I'll keep that history alive by using this as much as possible.

Puller Set is Circa 1944. Yes, I waxed the paint on the case...

Intact instruction sheet in top lid.
Puller + adapters to fit most models of cars & trucks. It definitely wasn't this clean when I got it! 

I'll bet most auto techs have no idea what this tool is for! Here it is set up for pushing this king pin out. 
Pin is pushed out through top. Note the silver anti-seize on the screw- it makes a mess, but keeps pullers working well.


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