The Warrior's Way

I first picked up the book "The Rock Warrior's Way" by Arno Ilgner almost by accident. I had no idea what a warrior's anything could possibly have to do with rock climbing. After completely devouring this book, I wanted more. I began to read more and more literature on warrior philosophy. Another author who really touched me was Dan Millman. Many people are probably familiar with Dan's work and the movie based on his book: "Way of the Peaceful Warrior". The movie is good, but the books by Dan Millman are all fantastic.
However, Arno Ilgner's style and practical application techniques are truly amazing. Arno conducts clinics all around the world for mental training to improve rock climbing ability. Not long ago, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to spend a day working closely with Arno in one of his clinics. Arno has great ways of showing you how to clear your mind of unnecessary thought and how to "relax into the stress" of intimidating situations to learn from them.
Light bulbs began to illuminate inside me with this kind of information. Not only is this kind of mental training useful in such activities as rock climbing, I also found it to be really helpful with restoring cars. Many of the the traditional ways of warrior philosophy translate perfectly to craftsman work. Frustrations and stressful situations can be common in the business, but using mental training tools to improve our performance and expand our learning process are incredibly helpful.
For more on this, check back here at The Philosopher's Wrench often. In the meantime, check out Arno Ilgner at The Warriors Way .

Myself and some friends at Arno Ilgner's climbing clinic held at the Mazama Mountaineering Center