Papa's Toys Open House!

Today's annual open house is the only time Papa's Toys is open to the public. It's a huge shipping terminal that has one end blocked off to house one of the northwest's largest private car collections. I spent the afternoon browsing the dozens and dozens of collector cars. I picked 26 photos of things that caught my eye to share here:

OK, I said I'm not a big GM guy, but this car is where it's at! 1962 Bel Air hardtop, 409/409 4-speed. I spy Edelbrock carbs under that air cleaner- makes me wonder why the original Carter AFB's aren't there? 

Back in the day, your Sun tach needed a porky box like this to make it work. Gotta know how hard your crankin' that 409.

I really dig that period correct Sun tach. This was a super clean, legit factory 409/409 4-speed Bel Air. 

1936 Pontiac coupe. I'm loving the art deco hood louvers, grille and headlamp mounts. Definitely built as a '90's hot rod, but timeless in it's original styling. 
1937 Graham Supercharger sedan. When was the last time you stood next to one of these? Right.
 I'll take one to go, please. 

Again, the art deco auto styling I just love. Similar to the Pontiac, but unique all it's own.

1922 Rickenbacker. Enough said, right? The only 1922 known to exist. 

A picture is worth a....
I love that top hat logo.

Nice details throughout the car.

It's a huge place. I'm standing in the middle, and this is only half....

1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville survivor. Nicknamed "Tilly" after the original owner. 

1965 Pontiac GTO sedan delivery factory prototype. Or is it?

Chevy cab over engine car hauler. The pink paint will sear your retinas if you hold your gaze upon it for too long. 

Roy Rogers' 1940 International Woody used on the farm in Apple Valley, CA. 

Cool rat rod. Farm-All tractor grille and chicken wire roof are classy touches.

This is kind of Mater's cousin, because besides being a tow truck, it's really nothing like Mater. Awesome anyways.
1932 Chevrolet. 

Mopar guys know what this is. Yes, a 1956 Dodge Coronet D-500.

That emblem means this little piggy carries a big stick.... 

The dual quad Red Ram D-500 Hemi. 

 This hood ornament really tells the story of the 1950's excitement of entering the "Jet Age" of flight. 1955 Pontiac. 

This is great style for an open hood hot rod. Mid- 50's Cadillac engine with 4 Stromberg 97's atop an Offenhauser intake. 

1969 Road Runner with an Indy-equipped 426 cross-ram wedge built to mean serious business. I'll bet this thing makes grown men giggle like school girls. 

Great murals on the wall in the service area of the building. 

Always better than grumpy service. 

More great artwork on the walls. 

All in all, a very impressive collection. It appears that quite a few of these cars have been on static display for some time. It would be pretty awesome if they had more open house days here. I would definitely go back more often, although it's a horribly long drive from my place...


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