Carburetor School

At a local swap meet, I stumbled upon some really neat Carter Carburetor stuff with history. I work on a lot of old Carters, so having the original tools and manuals is really useful. Actually, the truth is that I just needed an excuse to rationalize my tool hoarding habit (I already had a bunch of Carter tools!). I purchased a Carter Power Center tool kit and a Carter Personalized Instruction Course manual from the son of the man who used these in his shop since the 1940's. Artifacts like these are just overflowing with amazing history. It's a real transport back in time to sit at my carb bench and rebuild an old Carter Ball & Ball with the original tools used by an old world mechanic.

This Carter sales and service cover is nice, but not uncommon to find.

This course book is really rare. All the material appears to have been written by the same guy. Copyright 1939.

This writer is sassy! No way would that fly in a modern instructional setting! I like him. 

This is my carburetor rebuilding area. I keep all my carb specific tools close at hand right here. 

I feel like a mad scientist sometimes....