Sun Fun

More progress on the old Sun MDT-50:

(Click on Images for a larger version.)

Some new capacitors, diodes and resistor in the power supply. 

This old capacitor has some cheese leaking out the right side. I think this is why there was no strobe.

New caps on the board.

Hard to tell on camera, but the right side has been cleaned and waxed for comparison. Looks awesome in person!

The drive unit almost done! I installed new* lead wires using the original Sun clamps and boots. 
*By "new" I mean I cut good wires off a broken battery charger and used them on this!

New capacitor under the chuck cover. Degree ring cleaned, new ring roller rubbers installed. 

Special Sauce for de-rusting hardware and the chuck & wrench. 

Cleaned and waxed. So nice! Perhaps the only Sun machine ever to be fully waxed?
I still need to touch up some paint chips here and there, however. 

So long for now!