I never know who might walk into my shop! Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend some time hanging out with Keith Ebeling, owner (now retired) of Dutchman Motorsports and Machine Tools. Keith dropped by along with a few other retired fellows to have a look around my facility. I was absolutely impressed with the depth and breadth of Keith's knowledge! He shared some great info and history with me.

Dutchman Motorsports has recently moved from Portland, OR out to Meridian, Idaho. They have some really great products and they do very good work. I've got Dutchman alloy axles in my personal hot rod!
Check them out at: http://www.dutchmanaxles.com/

I always appreciate when people who have been out there doing real craftsman work for a long time take the time to share some of that knowledge with others. A big reason I am able to do the kind of work I do is because of kind people who saw potential in some kid like me. My dad started off by showing me everything he could. When we got into new territory, we learned more things together. I was later fortunate enough to apprentice under a Mercedes Benz Master mechanic and long-time business owner who taught me more than I could even comprehend at the time!

Now, all those hard earned lessons are starting to pay dividends. Things are coming together and I'm really excited about it. It's my honor to carry on the torch of craftsmanship into the future. Thanks guys!