Distributor Machine Discovery

I've been having a great time tearing into my new Sun machine. It might be possible that I like restoring equipment more than cars!

Build Date September 11, 1957

State of the Art in 1957

Check out that 5U4 vacuum tube rectifier! It will be replaced by two diodes.

This is the speed adjustment mechanism. 

The GE motor is a nice unit. Box on right is the power supply. Some models used a 6V wet cell battery for ignition power, but this unit supplies 6V DC, 6V AC, and 115V AC.

The vacuum advance unit. 

The left side scroll was bound up and tore the paper chart.

I disassembled it, freed it up and lubed the gears. So cool!

This round thingy is the mechanical relay that provides a signal to the tachometer. I just downloaded and read 45 pages of the original Sun tach and dwell meter repair manual! Very interesting stuff.

The jaw clamps cleaned up and degreased.

This dirty old thing is going to look fantastic when it's all cleaned up. My gift, or possibly my curse, is that when I look at things like this machine I see how nice is is under all the layers of dirt, dust and rust. I've cleaned up so much old stuff that I can tell exactly what will shine up and what will need to be refinished. Most of this machine will shine right up! 


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