Welcome to the Philosopher's Wrench!

    Within these pages, you will find information, inspiration and imagination. I operate in a very different way than most people. I observe the world, gather information and seek to apply those things that I have learned in a useful, beautiful and meaningful way. I find the beauty in the smallest details of life, yet I realize that maybe in the grand scheme of the universe, none of it hardly matters at all.

   I can't help but see every side of every story. To begin to grasp the deep richness of the world that surrounds us is the beginning of true enlightenment.

   I am a craftsman. I am an artist. I am a scientist. I am a philosopher.

   Did I mention that I am a car mechanic? Yes, most days I am a restorer of antique and classic automobiles. I have deep passion for anything beautiful, especially old cars and equipment. I have a passion for taking the dirty and neglected and turning it into perfection.

   I love that dreamy feeling of staring at an old heap in some overgrown yard and imagining the unlimited possibilities of creation. After all, life is an infinite field of unlimited possibilities. As we grow up and are conditioned by society, we learn all about limits. But the secret is that limits are just the edge of what we know right now. Tomorrow, new things can be learned that will change everything.

   So, what does this mean? It means that old cars are just one place to burn the high octane fuel of creative passion. It means we can go anywhere. I will take advantage of that and although I will mainly write about auto restoration, I'll also include other interesting things and show how philosophy and Warrior Philosophy in particular, have made my life's work more rewarding.

    Think of the Philosopher's Wrench as something like: "Zen and the art of antique automotive restoration for everyday living". So hold on because I'm going to engage the Infinite Improbability Drive and nobody knows where this might end up!

"So long, and thanks for all the fish."